Baby Products

Baby Products

A cosy and safe alternative to bedlinens. Made from smooth velour and sustainably grown cotton which offers a comfy sleeping temperature. Great to get in the cot, in the pram or even to lead to trips
A protective sleeping bag with an inside produced from hundred % sustainably produced cotton as well as an outside produced sturdy cotton/polyester which helps to keep your baby comfortably warm.

We realize that children’s skin is more sensitive, but never to be concerned. This system was analyzed, accepted and it is entirely devoid of things that could damage your child’s overall health or skin.

The discreet design is printed with a strategy that will require much less water than standard techniques.

Helpful to bring along to produce a cosy, common setting for the infant of yours.

The sleeping bag replaces bedding, and that is readily knocked off during rest, and also provides an enjoyable as well as sleeping temperature for the kid of yours.

The long zipper allows you to opened the sleeping bag extra wide so it is simple for the kid being in and out of.

Shrinkage maximum five %.

Machine wash, max 60°C, process that is regular.

Close the zipper before washing.

Don’t bleach.

Tumble drying, heat that is low (max 60°C).

Iron, max 150°C.

Don’t dryclean.
Materials and environment
IKEA has banned the application of chlorine bleaching representatives within the generation of textiles plus paper products as a result of the detrimental effect on the planet.

All of the cotton in our products is from much more renewable sources. It means that the cotton is possibly recycled, or even raised with much less water, less pesticides, less fertilisers, while increasing profit margins for all the growers.

IKEA has stringent demands for the application of phthalates in just about all the products of ours, and also we’ve completely restricted them in children’s and also food contact products.

Since 1996 IKEA has banned dangerous dyestuffs, e.g. azo dyes, in textile & leather based production.

External fabric:

Seventy five % cotton, twenty five % polyester

Internal fabric:
Sleeping bag – a secure choice

The very best thing you are able to supply the infant of yours with is a secure and safe sleeping environment. A great foundation with a mattress which provides good assistance as well as help is a great beginning. It is also essential to stay away from everything that could result in the infant of yours being trapped or even suffocate. That is why the best thing is using a sleeping bag, ikea

rather than a quilt or maybe sheet, during the baby’s first weeks. This’s to ensure that your infant does not get caught or even have their respiration tract blocked.

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