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 Diabetes – Type 1.5
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Diabetes is typically seen as either type-1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) that happens in childhood and type-2 diabetes (adult/ maturity onset or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus), that happens in adulthood and is associated with poor lifestyle and obesity.

 Sour Sop – Anti Cancer Agent?
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Sour sops, also called ‘prickly custard apples’, have prickly dark green skins and are pear- shaped. Their flesh is white, juicy and hasa tangy flavour. In tropical countries such as Thailand, it is used for making drinks and sherbets.

 Myth: Fruit Diets are good for weight loss!
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If you thought going on a fruit diet will help you lose your flab, think again!
Undisputedly fruits and vegetables are central to a weight loss diet and good health. However, recent research suggests that excessive intake of sugar from fruits can be harmful. Sugar from fruits, also called fructose, in excessive amounts (>50gms / day) can be counter-productive for many and can increase the risk to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.